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Abuse and Neglect in Health Care: What Every Health Care Professional Needs to Know

Abuse and Neglect in Senior Care

Active Shooter Survival

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), Independent Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) and Decreased Mobility

ADHD: A Brief Review

ADLS and IADLS: The Importance of Cognitive Functioning

Aging with HIV

AIDS and HIV: What Health Care Professionals Need to Know

Alzheimer's and Nutrition

Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia: A Brief Overview for Professional Caregivers

Alzheimer’s & Depression

Alzheimer’s Disease and Communication

Autism: A Brief Introduction

Behavior Management: The Person-Centered Way

Bipolar Disorder: An Overview

Borderline Personality Disorder: A Quick Exploration

Building Genuine Relationships and Trust in the Workplace: Two Ingredients to Success

Care Planning with a Personal Touch

Caregiver Burnout & Depression

Caring for High Acuity Residents in Skilled Nursing

Clinical Pathways: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Clinical Pathways: Congestive Heart Failure

Clinical Pathways: Excellence in Pulmonary Care

Clinical Pathways: High Risk Medications

Clinical Pathways: Myocardial Infarction

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Corporate Compliance: What Everyone in Health Care Needs to Know

Creating Seamless Transitions

Crisis Intervention: Communication and De-escalation Techniques

Critical Thinking for Nurses: A Roadmap to Effective Nursing Practice

Cross-Contamination: Ways to Reduce or Prevent it in Health Care

Customer Service and Professionalism in Health Care

Death and Dying: An Overview

Death, Dying and Our Attitudes

Diabetes Management in Long-Term Care

Diversion and Substance Abusing Health Care Professionals

Diversity and Multiculturalism: Learning to Appreciate Difference

Documentation for Nursing Assistants

Effectively Dealing with Difficult People

Elder Law

End of Life and Diversity

Ergonomics and Body Mechanics Part 2

Ergonomics and Body Mechanics: The Basics and Beyond

Ethics and Medical Marijuana

Ethics and Serving LGBT Older Adults in Senior Care

Ethics in Death and Dying

Ethics in Dementia Care

Ethics in Health Care Part 2: Professional Conduct

Ethics in Health Care Part 3: Boundaries and Boundary Violations

Ethics in Healthcare: Remembering Our Values & Principles

Ethics in Mental Health

Ethics in Senior Care

Falls and Fractures in Senior Care

Falls in Senior Care: Exploring Prevention, Causes and Treatment

Fire Safety, Disaster and Severe Weather Preparedness

Grief, Mourning & Bereavement

Health Literacy: The Person-Centered Way

Heroin: A Deadly Epidemic

HIPAA and Social Networking

HIPAA: What Every Health Care Professional Needs to Know

Hospice 101

Hospitality in Health Care

Human Trafficking Part 1: Identification, Risks and Support

Human Trafficking Part 2: Reporting, Assessing and Sharing Information

Human Trafficking Part 3: Mental Health Consequences and Care

Human Trafficking Part 4: Physical Health Consequences and Care

Infection Control: Getting a Grip on Blood Borne Pathogens, Exposure Control and Hand Washing

Leadership in Health Care: Using the Law of Attraction and Mindfulness

Management and Supervision: The Basics and Beyond

Managing Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in Senior Care

Managing and Motivating Millennials in the Workplace

Managing Clinical High Risk Areas

Managing Dementia-Related Behaviors

Managing Huntington's Disease in Senior Care

Managing Multiple Sclerosis in Senior Care

Managing Parkinson's Disease in Senior Care

Medication Errors: The Basics and Beyond

Medication Pass in Senior Care

Medication Self-Administration: The Basics and Beyond

Memory Care Activities

Memory Care: An Introduction

Mental Illness and Aging: A Brief Overview

Neurodegenerative Disorders: A Review

Nursing Documentation: Getting It Right!

Nursing Physical Assessment

Nutrition and Hydration: The Basics and Beyond

Nutrition in Senior Care

OSHA and Workplace Safety

Pain Management: A Review of the Causes, Types and Treatments

Patient Rights for Home Health and Hospice

Person Centered Incontinence Care

Person-Centered Care: What Does it Really Mean?

Principles for Documentation in Long Term Care

PTSD: A Clinical Review

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Reporting Major Incidents

Resident Rights in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Resident Rights Part 2

Resident-Centered Dining: New Standards and Creative Ideas

Safety in Home Care: Preventing Patient and Worker Hazards

Sensitivity Training for Health Care Professionals

Serving LGBT Seniors

Serving New and Diverse Populations

Serving Safely from Kitchen to Table

Skin Care and Prevention of Pressure Injuries

Social Work Supervision Part 1

Social Work Supervision Part 2

Social Work Supervision Part 3

Stress Management Part 2: Using the Power of Mindfulness

Stress Management: Understanding & Using the Law of Attraction

Synthetic Drugs in the Workplace

Team Building in Health Care

The Aging Process: A Crash Course for Professional Caregivers

The Drug-Free Workplace: Part 1

The Drug-Free Workplace: Part 2

The Drug-Free Workplace: Part 3 for Supervisors

The Human Brain: An Overview

The Power of Purpose, Self-Motivation and Positive Attitudes

The Truth about Employee Turnover: What Everyone in the Organization Can Do To Increase Retention

Threat Assessment: Behaviors and Communications of Concern

Trauma-Informed Approaches to Care: A Comprehensive Review

Universal Precautions

Workplace Bullying

Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence